Saturday, July 2, 2011

Prayer Letter From The Hammett's

Dear Brethren and Prayer Partners,

We are grateful for your prayers for us in these last couple of weeks.  We have seen the hand of the Lord at work in some special ways in the villages that we are working in.  We praise the Lord for open doors at Sofaya village, where a few weeks ago we witnessed the conversion of Festah, a key lady there, and recently we learned of the conversion of her son Richwell (19).  Richwell has been under conviction for several weeks, and this past week, he finally bowed the knee and confessed his sin, and called on the Lord to save him.  His mother, Festah, has made many spiritually discerned remarks over the past few weeks, and we do believe to see in her the marks of a new spirit!  These are refreshing tidings to us, in the midst of such a dark and spiritually barren place.

The spiritual opposition has also been very manifest.  I don’t share this example to sound super-spiritual or superstitious, but rather just to bring clarity to your prayers.  Sometimes the spiritual battles are more obvious than other times, but the truth is that we are always in the midst of spiritual warfare.  This past Sunday morning there was a very evidently demon-afflicted lady at the study in Relela village.  As we sang a song about Jesus Christ and His power to save, she began to shriek in a very inhumane voice, and appeared to be torn with an evil spirit beyond her control.  We continued on, and were able to deliver a very simple, yet powerful illustration of the Gospel, with the story of Abraham offering Isaac.  Many of those who were present were very sober about their need for saving faith, like Abraham had.

We covet your prayers for the folks at Relela, especially those under conviction, to be drawn to Christ.  We have seen some conversions at Sofaya, and desire to see some others begin to assemble with the group there and learn the Gospel.  Your prayers are much more crucial than you can probably even fully understand.  We truly sense a great satanic opposition to the work here, and we desire to go forward only in the strength and power of the Lord!  Thanks for taking the time to intercede on behalf of the ministry here!

Yours For African Souls,

Bro. George Hammett
Missionary to Africa

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