Sunday, October 14, 2012

Two Successes!!

Today was a day of success at MBC. Bro. Frank who has been with the church for many years has stepped forward on several occasions and given devotions. A few weeks ago, he filled in for Pastor and gave a really good devotion. Today, he delivered a very good message about Bible success. We have seen Frank as a young man, grow and serve the Lord and mature, he has 3 beautiful children, a lovely wife and has been a blessing to the church membership. It is a blessing to see him step forward to deliver God's word. He is truly a sucess in the making as he does God's will.

Prior to Bro Frank's message, we got to celebrate Brandon's success. A little over a year ago, we started a boy's youth group program called The Lord's Army. All the boys have many tasks to perform, many bible verses to memorize to achieve their ranks. Brandon has completed all his books and achieved the highest rank possible in this group, Captain. After all is said and done, all the boys who reach Captain will have learned over 100+ bible verses. They will have completed 41 'tasks'. The 'tasks' consist of obeying, helping others, completing chores, witnessing to others, singing special or playing special music, sending letters to missionaries. It is a great program and it requires all the boys to work hard to rank up.

It  always amazes me how God's message and events all tie in together.  Today, we saw God's 'successes' at work.

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