Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our Church Picnic

Normally our picnic is on July 4th. We look forward to it every year. This year though, due to wildfires it was cancelled. The mountain and surrounding area were in flames. So we celebrated our fourth of July picnic on labor day. The weather was great- cool for us. We had one loud thunderstorm that was a little frightening but it quickly passed. You can see the some of the pictures by clicking to our FB page (the link is in the sidebar to the right) . Check back over the next few days as more pictures will be added to the album.

August Birthdays:

Brandon McKinley 2nd, Autumn Harris 9th, Cherie Mollohan 11th, Delina Sagasta 15th, Mr. Slusher 16th, Bill Kinman 27th, Rich Deprez 29th,Frank Sagasta 29th. And a Happy anniversary to Frank & Sarah Sagasta 27th

Sept Birthdays: Mrs Randall, 09/07, Carissa Campos 09/14, Fernando Campos SR 09/16, Mackenzie Mollohan 09/17, Pastor Randall 09/23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND GOD BLESS YOU.

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